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Salient stack

We've all no doubt been lost at one time or another, but some suffer from `visual amnesia' much more than others.

Like unraveling a thread to avoid getting lost in a maze, one way the author overcomes visual amnesia and avoids getting lost in large shopping complexes, airports, or the like, is by accumulating a stack of images, consciously deciding to capture an image at each branch point. A current implementation uses the Wearable Wireless Webcam: each image is appended to a World Wide Web page, and then when it is time to find the way back, the Web browser (Mosaic) is invoked.

Alternate implementations have been built using a local image stack but the Web stack allows for shared applications (e.g. another person such as a spouse can also start up the the Web browser and quickly catch up, by observing the path taken from an agreed-upon or otherwise known starting point).

Steve Mann